Become a place people want to work.

When coworkers connect around common interests, companies can break down silos, improve inclusivity, and ultimately become a place people want to work. 

But encouraging and fostering these connections takes more than just team-building.


Build camaraderie through engaging competitions.

Rumblesum is a mobile platform that weaves together competitions, photos, groups games and in-person activities to help coworkers form genuine connections around personal interests.

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Nothing brings people together like good old-fashioned smack talk, and we encourage it with individual and team leaderboards, team chat, and challenges within challenges.

Photo Contests convey employee interests.

Physical Activity Challenges connect your athletes.

Charity Drive Challenges make giving back more fun.

Brackets make sports seasons a way to build camaraderie.

Customized competitions promote your culture.



Finding coworkers you can talk to makes a company feel like a community. But to avoid gossip-based cliques, we encourage employees to form interest-based groups by:

Using competition logs to identify groups and prospective leaders.

Giving groups an easy way to organize and communicate.

Allowing groups to create and champion their own activities and competitions.

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In-Person Activities:

With the majority of workplace communication moving online, it’s more important than ever for coworkers to have in-person conversations. To encourage this, we:

Give challenge bonus points for connecting with coworkers

Make creating an activity simple and streamlined

Notify coworkers that a member of their group or challenge is headed for lunch, coffee, a walk, and more.



Ideas & Analytics:

While we don't provide analytics at the individual level, we do help companies:

Generate ideas that build connections

Understand employees' aggregate interests

Identify informal influencers

Promote their internal brand through photos and data


Our clients value connections.