Two Easy Ways to Reinvent Your Company Charity Drive

Pinyon Environmental celebrates their 2016 Charity Drive for Tennyson Center & The Action Center.

Pinyon Environmental celebrates their 2016 Charity Drive for Tennyson Center & The Action Center.

Many companies struggle with charity drive participation and impact, but I’ve found that these two simple tweaks can help improve both:

  1. Make it a competition
  2. Give employees more ways to contribute

Divide participants into teams, appoint captains and watch the friendly competitive blossom in employees who have never given your annual drive a second thought.

By adding a team competition, Rumblesum client, First Western Trust raised 10x more than they did the year before.

Contribution Options
Allow employees to:

  • Donate physical items
  • Virtually buy those items via credit card, and/or
  • Use volunteer hours to contribute to the drive

Janus Henderson Investors recently made their annual food drive a virtual one and increased their impact by 80% compared to the previous year.

By giving people more ways to contribute, you’ll:

  • Increase Participation: Variety allows you to give employees with families a way to involve their kids, employees strapped for cash a way to use their time to contribute and employees short on time a quick and easy way to give.
  • Raise More: Hands down, the more ways people have to donate, the more you’ll raise.
  • Make People Feel Good: When people virtually “buy” a specific toy or food item, they feel better than if they were just to make a donation.
  • Build Connections: Organize a group volunteer day and you’ll add some facetime to a regular-old drive.
  • Have a Photo-Op: That photo at the end of the drive with all the stuff is priceless.

With more cash donations, nonprofits get:

  • General Operating Support: Sure, nonprofits need specific items, but they also need dollars for general operating to distribute those items and keep the doors open.
  • Big Ticket Items: Many nonprofits would love a drive for a new gym floor, a piece of machinery or other big-ticket item that doesn’t warrant a capital campaign. . . but could change their whole year.
  • More Bang for Their Buck: Nonprofits often have deals with manufacturers to get what they need far below retail. For example, food banks can often turn a dollar into ten.  

Breathing new life into your company’s annual charity drive may be as easy a one, two. . . no need for three.