Charity Drive Challenge In-a-Box

Fall is the season of corporate giving, but company charity drives can be a bit daunting to get off the ground and can grow pretty stale year after year.

So, Rumblesum created the Charity Drive Challenge In-a-Box . . .and by "in-a-box", we mean on your phone.

It’s really quite simple. First, you pick a charity. Then, we: 

  1. Coordinate with your charity to create a short list of items they need donated, big projects they need funded and volunteer opportunities.
  2. Set-up a challenge based on your chosen nonprofit’s needs and what works best for your company e.g. winter clothing, food, toys, etc.
  3. Provide templates to get the word out to your employees i.e. emails, posters, etc.
  4. Create teams among your participants.
  5. Give access to the Rumblesum apps that allow them to earn points by logging donations and volunteer hours (we even do credit card donations).
  6. Keep folks engaged with live leaderboards and weekly newsletters that include tips to increase giving e.g. ask vendors and clients to get involved.

Some results from last year’s charity drives:

  • Average of 80% employee participation across all our companies.
  • One company saw a 10-fold increase in giving from $500 to $5,000.
  • Another company saw an average gift of $100 per employee.
  • Employees called it “The best charity activity we’ve ever done.”
  • Companies said “How much we raised was great, but what really struck me was how much it improved engagement after a really tough year.”

Help us make the most of this season’s giving. More info and pricing.