Using Instagram to Attract the Right Talent


A lot of great candidates use social media to get an insider’s view of your company culture before they even apply. That’s why managing your company’s Instagram feed is so important. Although, it takes more to standout than just posed photos of employees smiling, celebrating or volunteering, it’s not as hard as you may think to be compelling.  

Here are a few rules that will help your company standout.

1.  Be Clear: Whether candidates are looking for a fun, active, rewarding, laid-back, formal, or travel-focused culture, make it obvious what you’re all about. Pick a few themes that define your employees and you’ll not only standout, you’ll attract candidates who will love working there.

 2. Be Original: Quotes work well and stock photos can be lovely, but originality is priceless. Try to aim for 70 percent original content. That said, aim for quality over quantity – see Rule #3.

 3. Be Picky: Great photos that make you smile or warm your heart are few and far between and you don’t want them to get lost in a sea of mediocre pics. So, while some people recommend just having your employees tag your company in their own Instagram photos, I advocate for curation. Since you’re being clear (Rule #1), you want to pick photos that convey the right message and evoke the right emotions. Make sure candidates feel what it would be like to work there, not just see it.

4. Be Brief: Let the photos speak for themselves. Beyond a brief description and a few hashtags, focus on personalizing your captions with a shout-out or a nod to how it fits into your cultural blueprint. Better yet, get creative and have employees submit captions in a caption contest.

5. Be Consistent: Luckily, most candidates will seek out your feed when they’re interested in a job so you don’t need to post every day. Just ensure your costume photos hit the top of your feed around Halloween and there are green leaves in the summer and snow in the winter.

6. Be Inclusive: Even though you’re curating photos, it doesn’t mean you can’t get some great pics from employees . . . with a little direction that is. At Rumblesum, we love using themed photo contests and incorporating photos into our challenges to collect a ton of photos, from which you can pick a few for Instagram. You can use competitions to get photos of:

  • Employees doing what they love – running, their pets, ComiCon , being outside, the possibilities are endless

  • Your mascot or SWAG in locations all over the world (Hootsuite does a great job of this)

  • Unpolished selfies of employees having fun together

We know this can feel like a daunting task so check out our feed for a few ideas and/or let us know if you want to put some automation behind your photo gathering. We bring in hundreds of incredible photos every year for our clients with minimal management from marketing or HR.

Rumblesum is a mobile platform that builds more inclusive cultures through competitions, photo-sharing, games, in-person activities and group management.

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