#SaveTheIntroverts: Common Misconceptions About Introverts In the Workplace

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If you’re working to improve inclusion in your workplace, please don’t exclude one of the most misunderstood populations: introverts.

 By encouraging introverts to be ourselves at work, we’ll dramatically impact your bottom line with our creativity, focus, grit, and leadership. Here are a few misconceptions about introverts and ways to ensure we feel comfortable being ourselves at the office:

We’re terrible at brainstorming.

The truth is we come up with great, well thought-out ideas when we immerse ourselves in our work, not in traditional on-the-spot group brainstorming sessions. My old boss used to jokingly say “hang on – Sara’s processing.” We’d all laugh, but the truth is, I really appreciated it.


We don’t like people.

I may have said this once or twice in jest, but I love the relationships I have with my close friends and family. What introverts don’t like is small talk and shallow relationships with no foundation.


We can’t network.

We just don’t like networking events. I have an incredible network that I’ve built through one-on-one meetings and, one of the things I do best, genuinely listening to people.


We hate socializing.

Although happy hour and parties make me super uncomfortable, I can talk with an individual or small group about things that interest me for hours.

So, if you’re an introvert, too, be proud of all you bring to your company. If you’re an extrovert who doesn’t understand introverts, strike up a conversation with one of us about something we both have in common., See how it goes.

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