The Sustainability Challenge

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Sustainability is a tough thing to get employees excited about. At Rumblesum, we make it fun by combining a month-long Sustainability Challenge with a Company SWAG Giveaway.

Our clients identify five(ish) sustainable habits they’re employees can get behind. As participants check off the habits each day on our mobile app, they climb the leaderboard, upload photos and earn points toward company SWAG. For example:

Every day employees get points for:

  • Not using takeout containers (including coffee) – 10 points

  • Turning off their computer at night – 5 points

  • Eating a vegetarian meal – 15 points

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator – 5 points

  • The office cutting down on its printing by 10% - 10 points

For every 150 points, they earn one of the following company SWAG items:

  • Water bottle

  • Coffee mug

  • Socks

  • Bag

  • Whatever you have on hand


If your company in interested in hosting a Sustainability-SWAG Challenge, get in touch and we'll talk through the details.

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