Creating a Culture Committee - The Lean Way (Part 1)

Even if it’s just a committee of one, a strong employee-run culture program is one of the best ways to build community and bridge silos from the ground-up.

Taking a Lean approach to getting a culture committee off the ground gives you a digestible road map that minimizes wasted time and money. It’s a favorite approach among intrapreneurs (you) and entrepreneurs.


Part One: A Lean Crash Course

If you’re not familiar with this approach, this post is a quick and dirty overview as it pertains to starting a culture committee. If you really want to dig in, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is worth the read.


Rule 1: Focus your goal

Instead of trying to reform your company culture (much of that is up to management), your goal should be something you can accomplish and measure like “ building community and cross-silo connections.”


Rule 2: Start small

Similar to a start-up getting customers, you need participation and results for budget approval - that means building a program people love. Since you never really know what people want, start with a variety of small activities and grow the ones that move the needle in terms of voice and community.


Rule 3: Get feedback

Identify the metrics that matter. Number of attendees is less important than if coworkers enjoy the activity and feel more connected as a result - this leads to lower turnover and increased engagement.


Rule 4: Iterate

Use your metrics to determine what to keep, change and scrap all together. It might sting to get rid of that dog fashion show you love, but if it’s not making an impact, it’s gone.


Rule 5: Repeat

The Lean model is an ongoing cycle. You should always be innovating, evaluating and eliminating waste.  

PART TWO: Data Gathering and Approval

PART THREE: Implementation and Reporting

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