Capitalize on Seasonality to Increase Wellness Program Participation

Each season brings up different motivations in us all. One of the easiest ways to increase participation in your wellness initiatives is to double down when motivation strikes. Here are a few times of year to pay special attention to.

January / February: Tap into employees’ New Year’s Resolutions with a Healthy Habits challenge. Encourage tiny changes that are don’t overwhelm because small changes lead to bigger ones. We often hear how people loved how they felt when they increased their water intake or brought their lunch to work.

March: Use March Madness as way to build community. Encourage non-Madness fans to participate by making it simple and awarding prizes unrelated to basketball i.e. person who did the best by picking teams based on their favorite mascot, city or colors.

April/May/June: When the weather starts getting nice, tap into the desire to get outside activity with a workout challenge, photo scavenger hunt, or sustainability / alternative transportation competition.

 July / August: With the holidays far behind and ahead, create a Savings Competition so people can be successful when stress is low. Encourage things like avoiding takeout coffee or food, non-food shopping and even social media (that encourages FOMO).

 September / October: As people ease back into the school year, the weather begins to cool and EOY deadlines loom large, trivia is a great low-touch option to build community without overwhelming employees.

 November: As much as we hate to add things to people’s plates during the holidays, it is the time of the year they focus on giving back. Charity drives are a solid option for this time of year. 

Year-round wellness challenges are participation killers. Conversely, well-timed, short activities will ensure employees look forward to the next one instead of losing interest halfway through the last one.