Is your wellness program falling flat?

Take your wellness program to the next level with our customizable competitions that incorporate community, philanthropy and financial responsibility.

Here are a few tried-and-true favorites.



In-app logging

New Years Resolution Healthy Habits

Help employees kick the new year in the butt by checking off daily healthy habits, complete Feats of Strength, and share photos based on weekly themes. Details.

Workout Warriors!

Every company has employees who love to workout. With Rumblesum, they can bond over their passion for perspiration by competing based on workouts, miles, steps, whatever floats their boat.



Corporate Social Responsibility


Love Our Community

Combine a drive for a local charity, sustainable habits and a photo scavenger hunt around your area to encourage employees to love their community. Details.

Healthy You, Healthy Planet

So many healthy habits are also good for the environment, i.e. don’t order takeout, take the stairs, use alternative transportation. If sustainability is one of your company priorities, get employees involved with personal habits.





Busy Season Trivia

Every company has at least on crazy season. Instead of abandoning your culture, schedule trivia rounds several times a week to give employees a five-minute brain break and a chance to laugh with the coworkers amidst the chaos. Details.

Company Trivia

Whether you’re onboarding or just refreshing, use our trivia game to build a real-time competition that helps employees stay abreast of industry and company facts.





Photo Scavenger Hunt

Get coworkers out of their seats and snapping picks around your city with a team Photo Scavenger Hunt. Add a little local trivia and you’ve got yourself a competition!

Savings Competition

Money is never an easy topic, but making it a competition takes a bit of the pressure off. Encourage employees to make coffee and lunch at home, non-food shopping, social media and even driving when they could walk or bike.


Annual Multi-Company Throwdowns


Accounting Firm Throwdown

Healthy Habits

This free month-long company-vs-company throwdown is open to all accounting firms. Participants log daily healthy habits and “Feats of Strength.” Sorry, this throwdown is full.

Engineering Industry Throwdown

Healthy Habits

This month-long company-vs-company throwdown is open to all companies in the engineering industry. Participants log daily healthy habits and “feats of strength.” Details. Sorry, this throwdown is full.

Front Range Throwdown

Healthy Habits - Healthy Planet

This month-long company-vs-company throwdown is open to all companies or offices on the Front Range. Participants log daily healthy and sustainable habits and “feats of strength.” Sorry, this throwdown is full.